First Home Buyers Construction Grant of $15,000 extended till 30th June 2019

PLEASE NOTE: Stop Renting Today is independently owned and is not affiliated with any other business's name sake and is ONLY operated out of the Westfields shopping centre at Strathpine at our kiosk near the food court on the way to Aldi in between Telstra and SpecSavers.


What others say...


Long overdue but here’s our testimonial to the wonderful work you are doing… We heard about ‘Stop Renting’ in the car radio not too long after we became citizens at a time when we were deeply contemplating on our next milestone – having our own house to call home. We went to Strathpine Centre with the initial intent of just hearing what this fuss is all about, and to find out how much fund we should need to have if we were to commit to starting the process of getting our own property.
Kevin was a pro in explaining why it was to our advantage to pay for our own land and house versus paying rent which is someone else’s investment; the fund required for us to start and complete was also a lot lower than what we had previously thought. When the meeting ended, he has convinced us to start sooner than later. He also helped us look at a few blocks of land where we might have our house built on.
Then we met Amanda, who guided us through tons of details – what documents we need to get ready, facilitating on getting the house plan in order including some modifications we wanted, introducing us to the broker who helped us got approved by a bank with the best offer, sorting out some kinks between the builder and us, and so on…
Finally, house construction was finished, and Kevin and Amanda had to cut short their Europe holiday just to personally hand us our keys – now that’s the kind of service that is more than excellent!

Roberto and Genalyn - Phone: 0466004958



To Kevin & Amanda,
Myself and Leah would like to say THANK YOU! So much for everything in helping and supporting our family as we both thought we would never ever be able to get into our first own home!! We have been renting for the past 15 years paying for someone else mortgage. It all started when we were walking through Strathpine doing some shopping, and we had seen this sign saying STOP RENTING TODAY! We come across Kevin sitting at the front counter, we said to ourselves this has got to be a joke we were both hesitant at first. But after sitting down with Kevin that day, we were both blown away about everything Kevin and Amanda said there’s no messing around, they were both up front in what they were saying to both of us it seems too good to be true! We would also like to say a BIG THANK YOU to Dean Chase Atkins for taking his time in showing us around to some of the properties on the north side. We would differently recommend to anyone and to everyone who needs help in getting into their first home, Kevin and Amanda are the people to see they don’t mess around don’t let this chance pass you by Get in now while you still have time. So again, thank you so much to Kevin and Amanda for everything. 

Tuagalu Nome - Email:



Hi guys My wife and I where young, misinformed from other No deposit builders and just about over the dream of building our first home after being let down so many times by other builders.
but that all changed one Lazy Sunday morning laying in bed when for some bizarre reason I googled no or low deposit builders and up came Kevin and Amanda at stop renting. Within 30 minutes of filling an enquiry form I had a call from quite possibly the most excited man I’ve ever heard in Kevin.
Two days later I'm sitting at my dining table with my wife and Kevin, with a whole heap of caution we listened as Kevin loudly and enthusiastically explained who himself and Amanda are and what they do. I'll leave the sales pitch to the experts but by the end of it as much as it all sounded great I had to ask "alright where's the catch". That’s when Kevin laughed looked me dead in the eye and said there's no catch I just love helping people achieve their dreams. That's has stuck with us both to this day. In the age we live in no one just helps you especially not when it comes to building I was amazed when I realised these guys are legit.
Following this meeting we met at North Harbour to pick a Lot of land which when we bought was reserved at a price from six months ago saving us $30k instantly. Following this we picked a design with Amanda and got everything priced up to sent off to the bank. 
Within a few short weeks and a small deposit from Ourselves we where approved and not one month later we broke soil.
Enough about the story though let me tell you this, I'm the biggest sceptic when it comes to just about everything and it takes a lot to convince my wife as well and we can both whole heartedly say this was the best decision we have ever made beside buying our puppy Winston...
Kevin and Amanda are beautiful people that are here to help. In summary don't pass up the best decision you'll ever make, this team is here to help you, let them!!!
I encourage you to call me on 0409925431 or even email me at if that's easier if you have any questions at all.
Thank you again to everyone involved in our home.

Ryan, Tiahne, & Winston Fee - Phone: 0409 925 431 | Email:



Words cannot describe how grateful and amazed we are that we now own our brand new family home. 
In late 2016 we approached another builder and spent almost 6 months trying to get a land and home contract over the line. They promised us everything and nothing went to plan, we ended up pulling out of our contracts with them. 
In March I called Kevin at Stop Renting Today. As soon as Kevin answered he told me that they could help and that's exactly what they did! We booked a time to look at some land and to have a chat. Before we knew it we had found our land and signed our contract. 
By the end of April be had been approved by the bank and had settled our contract for the land. In late May we had already started building. It was amazing seeing it all coming together from signing a contract to seeing the slab being poured and the house going up. 
Now in the first week of October, we now have our keys to our new home and cannot wait to start the move! 
Throughout the whole process we were so happy with the communication and professionalism of all parties! 
We would love to thank, Stop Renting Today and their team. Thank you all for making our dream a reality. 

Greg Moran and Rebekah Baines - Phone: 0425 800 089



We are Sandra and Juan and would like to tell you about our experience with Stop Renting Today.
We are originally from Colombia, and have been living in Australia for more than 10 years now. As most people in this country, one of our biggest goals was to own our house. For many reasons, saving enough money for the deposit was proving challenging so we had accepted that getting into our own house would take some more years.
Luckily, one day Sandra listened an interesting advertisement saying "Stop renting today!", and suggesting that it was possible to buy a new house with a low deposit. Sandra started her inquiries and organised a phone call with Dean, who explained that, if eligible, the first home owners’ grant could be used as part of the deposit and that Stop Renting Today could help in that process. Everything sounded very promising, but very easy to be true. We had nothing to lose, so we agreed to have a face to face meeting with Dean and Kevin. 
During the meeting Kevin re-assessed our situation and show us some of the options available to us. To be honest, Kevin's excitement and passion about the process made us think that he was just another salesman interested only in our money. ....apologies for that Kevin!...However, we accepted Kevin’s invitation to see some blocks of land and display houses that may be suitable for our budget and circumstances. We spent maybe a couple of hours with Kevin and Dean, and by the end of that time we had a verbal agreement to buy one of the blocks of land. The best part was that we did not have to give any money at all at that point…….it seemed too good to be true….but it was true! 
Amanda, Kevin and Dean helped us during the whole process; dealing with them was easy and stress free. We are satisfied with the quality and speed of the process; the building process took around 5 months from start to end.
Thanks Stop Renting Today and for the good work and help!
If you are eligible for the first home owners’ grant, we think it is time to get into your new house. Our experience with Stop Renting Today was positive, so why not give them a call?
If you have any question about our experience or want further details, we will be happy to have a chat. 
It is time to stop renting!

Sandra and Juan - Mobile: 0413 403 024



Kevin and Amanda, 
Richard and I were merely beginning to discuss the possibility of buying our first house together, at 24 and 20 I didn't think it was a good idea with all the hassle that we would need to go through and the huge amount of money that we would need to have, I felt we were getting ahead of ourselves. Then Richard stumbled across 'Stop Renting Today' and inquired about it, next thing we knew we were sitting down with Kevin and Amanda and they were explaining Everything. Just to be safe we brought Dad along to ensure we weren't getting ourselves in a mess at such a young age. After many questions and Kevin reassuring us that 'it IS that simple' we picked a plot of land and he invited us to go and see it right there and then!! We were shocked! So we headed down with Amanda and checked it out, we were so excited! Amanda was in contact with us every step of the way, We designed our house met with the electrician and picked our gardens and before we knew it the house was completed! In under a year we went from discussing buying our first home to designing it to our liking, and now we're sitting here writing up our Testimonies and can't begin to express our thanks to Kevin and Amanda for helping and supporting a young couple begin their lives with such a massive foot in the door, you both helped us achieve our future goals in the present and we can't thank you enough. 
We wish you both such an amazing future!

Richard and Sariah - Mobile: 0402 543 332



Rachel and I thought we were years away from purchasing a house. A combination of wedding costs and holidays costs meant we did not have much savings and also had some debt. We had resigned ourselves to waiting a few years to pay some things off and save for a full deposit when we noticed Stop Renting Today advertising. We thought it was too good to be true we decided to check it out anyway. We were happy to find out how much easier it was for us to get onto the property ladder than we thought by going through Stop Renting Today. The whole process of going through the loan applications to building of the house has been so much simpler than we thought it would be. The house was built in a timely manner and to an excellent standard. We have been in our house for a month now and we couldn’t be happier. It has quickly felt like home and we have been excitedly to showing it off to our friends and family. If you aren’t sure whether you are able to afford a house yet or are even curious about how it all works I highly recommend giving Stop Renting Today a call. You might be surprised by how much closer you are to owning your own home than you think. Give me a buzz if you want more info on how the whole process went for us.

Simon and Rachel - Mobile: 0429 381 053



We never thought owning our own home was a possibility. When we stopped and spoke with Dean at the stop renting today stand we thought it couldn’t seriously be that simple to get our own home. However here we are living our dream in a stable home not having to worry about rentals or real estates. This would never have happened without Dean, Amanda, and Kevin. They were so dedicated to helping us every step of the way and we cannot thank them enough. Like me you may read these testimonies and be like as if this is real, there has to be a catch, but there really isn't which is why we have included our number so please don’t hesitate to call us so we can assure you how extremely happy we are with stop renting today and all the other agencies they liase with to get you your dream home. Every person we dealt with to get to where we are today were amazing and always willing to assist, and we would love to thank them all individually but there are just so many.

Chantelle and Matthew - Mobile: 0413 506 053



Where do we start?
About a year ago my wife and I decided to stop trying to buy property. We tried a few times, but, just didn’t have enough for a deposit for buying or building. To say we were depressed and disappointed would be an understatement. I dropped her at our rental property, after we made our decision, and went to the shops for some milk. On my way to the shops I heard Stop Renting today’s advertisement on the radio. I couldn’t figure out why they need such a small deposit. I drove straight to Strathpine where I met up with Kevin. He explained everything to me, and it really sounded too good to be true. I made an appointment for the coming Monday to view a block of land and went home. I explained the procedure to my wife and she too thought it too good to be true. On the Monday, I met with Kevin and Dean and they showed me a property. It was beautiful, but, too far from my work. I explained that to Dean. A few days later he phoned me to ask if we would be willing to look at a closer block of land. We met up with him and shook on it straight away. It was perfect. We still couldn’t believe our good fortune. It was close to the city, close to the water and in a booming suburb. Up until the day we received the keys I was waiting for something to happen, or someone to ask for more money than the small deposit we had to pay. Nothing happened. Kevin, Amanda and Dean was awesome. Everything happened exactly like Amanda explained. Between them, the builders and the finance company, we didn’t have one minute of worry.
I cannot find enough words to convey my gratitude for the team at Stop renting today. It was far too easy and stress free and the deposit we had to pay was a fragment compared to other deals that was offered to us from other companies. We are now home owners, and our lives feel so much more relaxed.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Johann and Lindi Pearson - Mobile: 0427 525 992



Hi Amanda and Kevin,
Sorry for the very late response. We're so much occupied with visitors from overseas ( Phils. And NZ). You both deserve more than just-testimonials. Hoping for your understanding. Thank you both.
Kevin and Amanda of Stop Renting was an add on strength and energy for Balagtas family to dream come true. They are the right people to deal with. From the very first day of our appointment @ Stratpine Stop Renting kiosk until the handover of our new home in Griffen Crest was excellent. We are helped and assisted from the minute to the biggest part of the process. Everything runs softly and swiftly. We are well informed with what's going on the entire time. From them good hearted and reliable people arises too. We couldn't thanks Stop Renting enough for being part of our dream home. We love dealing with Stop Renting again and again. If not from Stop Renting, we should have been renting home until today. You are a massive blessing to the Balagtas family . We are overjoyed knowing you both.
Amanda the lime and lemon is growing happily. Thank you
For any queries ( first home buyer) please don't hesitate to call me.

Joseph , Jinky and Kim - Mobile: 0406 525 011



To Amanda & Kevin, and the Stop Renting Today team,
We just wanted to take this opportunity once again to say a huge THANK YOU for helping us to make our dreams of becoming homeowners come true, and for your help and guidance throughout the entire process both before, during and after the house was been built. For anyone reading our testimony, hopefully this will find its way to you and not only give you encouragement but hopefully inspire you in the same way that family and friends of ours that went through Amanda and Kevin previously.
We are a happily married couple, that have lived in Australia for over 11 years with our 4 beautiful children. Coming from New Zealand the dream has always been to one day be able to buy our very own house that we could call HOME. On several attempts in the past we always got knocked back by the banks for different reasons, ranging from our debt was too high, not having enough income, too many children etc. I can recall our first attempt approaching Stop Renting Today was unfortunately not possible because our debt was a bit too high. BUT I still recall Amanda's advice to us to get the debt wiped or down enough because the amount of children we had didn't matter. My wife and I worked hard and eventually wiped our debts within a year. When I approached Stop Renting Today again, this time we were in a better position. Amanda guided us through the initial stages to get the ball rolling, and big Kevin took us to look at available blocks of land and on that same day we selected our piece of land which we call home right now. Amanda and Kevin have gifted us with more than a house, they gifted us with their time and we appreciate so much where they have gone out of their way to make sure that we got the approval to be able to build. They are not only amazing to deal with by been informative and giving advice of what to do and not to do, they have always made us feel valued and appreciated as a client.
I am happy to recommend the services of Stop Renting Today, and will sing their praises as long as I live. If your reading this and asking yourself what's the catch, here is the only catch you need to know is that you need to be prepared to make TIME! When you have decided for yourself or with your spouse that this is the next step in your life, be prepared to make time for the entire process to work because that is all it takes. Don't lose hope or faith, because if we can do it you definitely can too with the help of Amanda and Kevin.
Once again Thank You Amanda and Kevin, and Stop Renting Today for all of your help and guidance. We love our new home and are so proud of how it all turned out and will enjoy our home for many many years to come.
Yours sincerely

Michael & Bevi Ioapo - Mobile: 0449 646 966



Hi Amanda and Kevin,
Having rented for over 13 years, we never thought that we would ever own a home. It was always a side project to put money aside to save up for a deposit. We would save a few thousands but then some random expense would slowly consume our house funds and before we knew it, we were starting all over again, promising each time that we would not touch our house deposit for sure..... a bit like a weight loss goal
I rang Kevin one day as I heard their advertisement on the radio, as I knew I had nothing to lose by asking questions..... Well, when we made the consultation appointment it was pretty much all go from there.....Kevin and Amanda were everyday people that were genuine and great at what they do. The whole application process with simple and our questions were answered if we had any concerns. I have always been very wary of the whole building process as people have said that is quite overwhelming...... but we had not problems. James our supervisor was amazing. He was only a call away and very flexible when we made slight changes....
In May we now own our own home but we have made it a family goal to build another one soon......If you want to get into the house market without having to worry about all the paperwork and stress, then Stop Renting is the place to go.
Thank you Amanda and Kevin and your team. We are truly blessed.

Ieremia and Lia Filipo - Mobile: 0402 601 664



Hi Kevin and Amanda,
There is not enough words to define our sincere appreciation for all your efforts so that we can fulfil our dream of owning a new house.
Since we moved to Australia from the Philippines in 2008, its been a dream for us that someday we will have our own part of the greatest Australian dream and we just didn't know how.
Saving for a deposit would take us a very long time to achieve it and by that time we may have it, I maybe walking on a stick already.
All of this changed when we met you. You helped us achieve the un-achievable. You guided us through until the time the key for my new house has been handed over to us.
There were some friend who built their homes in the past advising that we should prepare for stressful situation as this is "common" when you are building a house. For us, this never happened throughout the building process and I would like to thank all of those involved particularly you, Kevin and Amanda, I would like to acknowledge the excellent job. This experience will be with us forever and we sincerely appreciate all your efforts on this.
We have been talking to friends about this and my house is the proof and I encourage everyone who may read this to take the steps NOW and fulfil your own dream NOW.
Feel free to contact me and I am happy to talk to you and relate my story.

Roel/Rosa/Rey - Mobile: 0433 625 341



Hi Amanda & Kevin,
I was very sceptical jumping at this when I first saw it but then I read the reviews and was blown away at these people who were in the same boat as me.
I am forever grateful for all the hard work you put in Amanda and Kevin for making this dream come true for me. Who would have thought less than 9 months ago I would be a 'homeowner'. Scott the Supervisor has been very supportive along this journey and breaking down all the builders terminology to make me understand.
I have been in my house one month today and every day I love it more, I cannot believe I am here today as a 'homeowner', a massive tick off my bucket list! The joys of not renting and having to deal with landlords is behind me.
Thank you again for making this happen!!

Sheila Murray - Mobile: 0433 760 537



Amanda and Kevin you are the best.
These two amazing and super energetic people made this the easiest purchase I've ever done, it was all so simple and they did everything, all I had to do was read and sign, pick my land and house, choose colours and then sit back and watch it getting built. I will definitely be getting another place though STOP RENTING TODAY in the future because it was all so EASY. Highest praise.

Jordan Muller - Mobile: 0407 339 434



Hi Amanda and Kevin,
Just a short note to express our gratitude for the opportunity and assistance you provided in getting us into our fantastic new home.
I first heard of you via an advert on the radio on a station I never usually listen to! At first I was more than skeptical but decided to give you a call. From the initial conversation with Kevin who told me exactly how it is, I knew you guys were for real.
From our initial meeting and at all subsequent meetings and contact Amanda has been a star! From finding the land to coming up with a one off house design that would fit on the block and fit in with our budget nothing has been too much trouble. I must also give praise to Tammie and Renee who made getting the finance hassle free.
The house is fantastic, Bridget and I were having a coffee last Sunday morning and both said we love the layout and my mother loves the Granny flat.
We would not hesitate to build with you again and cannot thank you enough for all the work you have done for us in realising our dream of owning our own home. 

David & Bridget Farrar - Mobile: 0401 843 634



Patrick and Wayne would like to say thanks Kevin and Amanda for making a dream come true and for doing all the hard yards. They did a fantastic job with the house and made it seem so easy. We couldn't be any more happier building own house, we can be contacted for any questions 0434589972 Pat Big thanks to Kevin and Amanda for the help.

Patrick and Wayne - Mobile: 0434 589 972



It is with great pleasure I give this testimonial.
It has been a long hard slog but our dream was realized even though I thought this was never ever possible.
I was walking in the shopping centre one day and happened to notice this sign "Stop, rent, buy?" I thought oh yeah I'll have a look no harm in that. I started to read then thought just maybe this is possible.....
We haven't had anything handed to us on a platter. We are not rich people and never have been. I am the only child out of 18 siblings that possesses an education that has led to a degree and formal education. My husband and I have three grown children and 2 bull mastiffs whom we love more than anything in this world. We have always rented and paid someone's mortgage off. Kevin and Amanda pointed that out. I guess we never thought of it that way. We have worked all our lives so that our children are comfortable and have raised them with our main core value "Family first". I have always been a giver and will continue to do so. 
As a family we have supported and assisted a few of my family members to make Australia home. Never in my wildest dreams did we ever think that living in Brisbane, building and owning our own family home was possible. Kevin and Amanda made it possible. 
What I liked from the beginning with these two was that they were honest and genuine people (it was scary because people like this usually have hidden agendas). I kept thinking are these two for real? Any time now they're gonna say yep "sorry mate you don't qualify". 
They set us up with a mortgage broker who honestly handled everything for us. All the people Amanda and Kevin put in our lives were similar to them ready to assist us anyway they could. They stayed with us through the whole process, always a text away. 
It took approximately 1 year from the beginning to the end. I always remained skeptical until the day they handed us the keys. 
Now we have a four bedroom two story house that we own. We are proud home owners exactly what Kevin and Amanda predicted. "Stop Renting" it's not a gimmick its for real. They are not out for themselves they truly want to help you to "Stop Renting".
Feel free to contact me or leave a message and I'll absolutely get back to you.

Leonie - Mobile: 0402 128 226 | Phone: 3103 8975



Kevin and Amanda….
Words can't describe how happy we are at this moment. Never in our wildest dreams did we think that we would be home owners only 18 months after moving to Australia from NZ.
My wife heard a radio advert for “Stop Renting today” and told me to get in touch with you guys. I must admit, I was very doubtful at first, and it sounded like it was too good to be true.
We made an appointment to go and see Kevin, who showed us all the testimonials he has. Still I was a little reluctant. It still sounded too good to be true. Kevin took us to a brand new Estate in Northern Brisbane and after speaking to the sales consultants, showed us a very large corner block that would fit into our Budget.
From this point on, things went pretty quickly. Kevin and Amanda arranged everything for us.
The building company they used were very accommodating and allowed us to make changes to one of the plans they offered, in order for it to suit our needs. Amanda was on top of everything and always responded promptly to any questions we had.
During the build phase, Amanda and the builders kept us up to date with photos as things progressed, which was very nice of them, seeing that our new home was approx. an hour’s drive from where we lived at that point in time.
We can HIGHLY recommend Kevin and Amanda from “Stop Renting Today”. They made a long term dream, become a reality, and we are now proud home owners.
Phone them today, you won’t be making a mistake!

Werner & Maryke van Eck - Email:



Kevin and Amanda
I found your website and filled out the form so many times but never submitted it because I didn't believe we would be able to buy our own home anytime soon as we are a family of six and were struggling to save a deposit to buy on our own until I finally made the phone call and the next day we met Kevin he came to us on a Saturday, we sat down had a chat and a few hours later we were standing on land that was soon to be ours. My partner (who was very skeptical) and I could not believe it. Throughout the process Amanda was amazing we chose everything for our house and she made sure we got what we wanted including our pendant lights. At times the paperwork was a little overwhelming, but Tammie and Amanda were a great help and it was more than worth it. We moved into our new home in November and we love it!! We can't thank you enough for making our dream a reality if it wasn't for all of you we would still be stuck renting. I strongly recommend speaking with Kevin and Amanda if you want to own your own home and start paying your own mortgage instead of someone else's. Thank you.

Jemma, Taff and our four kids - Mobile: 0418 996 807



Hi Amanda
Amanda and Kevin we would like thank you both so much for making owning a home a reality. You both made every stage as stress free and as uncomplicated as possible. Thank you both enough for making our dream a reality.

Kerry, Justin and Tim - Mobile: 0416 622 6917



Dear Amanda and Kevin
I would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude of fulfilling our dream house. Until now we still can’t believe that we have a house to call our home. As you know last year we never thought of this big step of our lives. We came to you and ask for any advise and assistance and everything was just clear as crystal. Amanda and Kevin are very professional and helped us every step from the beginning to the last process. Guiding us and explaining every detail that we needed to know. We are very grateful and very happy that now we are living into our lovely new house. Overall, thanking you for a job well done is not enough as you have made our dream into reality. You have been supporting us, problem solving and addressing any issues along the way. Also, we would like to express our big thank you to Nicole as she has been supportive to us as well in getting our loan faster and hassle free. We are hoping that you never stop helping Australians to fulfil their dreams to have a new house that they can call a home. Wishing you all the best and thanking you from the bottom of our heart.

Gerald and Michael - Mobile: 0478 724 412



Never in our imagination that in no time we could have a house of our own. We would have never discovered any of this on our own. Big thanks to Kevin and Amanda who's helped us made all this possible.

Frank And Sally Espinosa - Mobile: 0410 477 2616



We cannot thank Amanda and Kevin enough for helping us throughout owning our dream home. Without them, we wouldn't achieve this lifelong desire of ours. They helped us from the beginning to the time we moved in.
Thank you

Danny and Julie Sta Cruz - Mobile: 0466 574 286



Kevin and Amanda
I never thought about having my own home so early, until one day I met Kevin at his booth at Strathpine shopping centre. With all his happiness, his charisma and his amazing personality he was able to convince me in trying to buy my own home. So with his encouragement, he showed me on paper the figures and the steps that we needed to buy a house. With so much happiness after that day I went and told my wife about Kevin, and how he made it possible to have hope that we would be able to make our dreams come true and be able to live in our own house. I thank God for giving me the privilege in meeting Kevin and Amanda to help us all the way; even the impossible things they were able to make it possible. Even in the hardest times Kevin always gave me hope and made me see the light at the end of the tunnel. No words can describe how thankful I am for what they have done for family and I. May God continue blessing them helping them guide new home buyers like myself in achieving their dreams. 
Thank you and God bless 

Eder and Sandra - Mobile: 0421 941 108



Amanda and Kevin,
Words cannot thank you enough for all your help in enabling us to achieve our dream of living in our own home. Stumbling over your booth at the Strathpine shopping centre was the beginning of this wonderful journey. We had thought about it but had not ventured into looking into buying a home as the thought of it was so daunting and we thought we could never afford it. Kevin's big infectiously confident personality and just putting numbers on paper in black and white showed us light at the end of the tunnel. We shared our ideal location and hopes for our dream block and Kevin and Amanda found the perfect spot and took us there in minutes. It was destiny waiting to happen! When Kevin took a picture of us that day in front of that block, I would never have believed that 9 months later we would be living there in our own custom designed home. Amanda was so approachable and available readily to answer all my millions of questions throughout the whole process and putting us in touch with all the right contacts and basically simplifying the whole process as well as showing us how to iron out any problems that crept up. Ultimately we got our keys just before Christmas as promised. Best present ever! We cannot thank you Amanda and Kevin enough!!!! 

Praveena, Naresh and Arya - Mobile: 0432 180 312



I just want to say a massive thank you to you both from me and Tegan. The place is brilliant and james has been the best to deal with (he is even coming back today to make sure everything is all good). Amanda you would probably be happy now that there is no more annoying phone calls from me. Thanks for everything guys. Once equity is built up for a second house we will be in contact for round 2.

Carmine and Tegan - Mobile: 0423 463 882



My dream of owning a home has come true, Kevin and Amanda’s expertise, professionalism, has made this possible for me. 
I was listening to 96.5 Radio FM station when an advertisement of “Stop Renting Today “caught my attention, I immediately pulled over and google search its name and left a message on their website.
I got interested reading people’s testimonials, my heart jump with joy, these people are talking honestly and I resonated well to their stories.
Kevin and Amanda contacted me on that day, that’s where it all started. They are efficient, great team of husband and wife, very friendly on the phone and straight forward as I sensed it over the phone; they worked together well and make things easy for first home buyer.
I truly thank them for professionalism, excellent service. Also our broker you are an angel, heaven sent to me. Thank you so much.
I can’t thank them enough, my words are not enough to express my gratitude for them, so to those who read my testimonial, don’t waste time, call or visit their website, STOP RENTING TODAY, talk to Kevin or Amanda they can be found in Strathpine Shopping Centre kiosk opposite spec savers. Your dream is about to come true, like me.

Gemma - Mobile: 0432068717



Amanda and Kevin, We would like say thank you a hundred times for the opportunity you gave us to make our dream come true, Once we were just casually walking around inside the Strathpine mall and we unintentionally saw the stop renting advertisements then straight away we called you guys, Amanda and Kevin and now we're here in our beautiful house thanking you for this.
We will never forget you guys

Antonio Barizo - Mobile: +61420589729



After almost ten years of trying to save a deposit for my own home, raising two boys alone and working 40 hour weeks juggling the costs of sporting activities and the higher rising demands from every financial institution in regards to a deposit and eligibility for a home loan, I realised that the idea of owning a home for me and my boys was slipping away in fact it was becoming more like a dream than any kind of reality. 
I had accepted the fact that renting was going to be a long journey and I had sadly stopped trying with the banks as the disappointment every time was gut wrenching. Having a squeaky clean credit history and a small deposit meant nothing to the banks. They saw single mum, average income, and it was a "no" every time. I would have had to save $30,000 at least as a deposit and we all know that is near impossible for most single mums. 
I was walking through Strathpine shops on a lunch break when I read the information about stop renting today, I had heard of this concept before but was always skeptical but after so many set backs I figured could it really hurt to see if by any chance it was legitimate and that I may by some chance qualify. 
After meeting with Kevin and Amanda I was initially concerned wondering why they would be willing to go the distance for someone they only just met. But that's exactly what they did every step of the way. I couldn't understand how they were making it all possible when I had tried for years but I didn't want to know I just held on to hope and let them guide me through it. They took me out to see the land within a few days of the initial meeting. It was a quiet family estate and I was immediately in love with the land the size the shape and the location. 
We tried a few brokers and finally Rams came back with a big fat yes! This took a bit of time to get there but it's so hard to explain the feelings I had when I got the call from Rams to say yes! Amanda arranged the legals and then we met with the builder, they were brilliant they found me the right plans that suited my family and assisted in everything, they didn't miss a thing and the package included everything and I mean everything. I even had some money at the end of it all to get the high-end things I wanted like stone bench tops and beautiful designed splash backs in my kitchen it truly was exiting. I kept stressing that something would go wrong as it all seemed to good to be true! 
The girls at national tiles were super great taking so much time to help me choose the colours and styles I dreamed of. As it was nearing Christmas the slab date would take place in the February and I couldn't wait. The slab went down a week early and I received a picture message from Amanda while I was at work of my slab and I was filled with excitement and content it was all very real and the journey had begun. Things seriously sped from that day forward, Amanda handled all the paper work from day one making it all a breeze for me so I could focus on my work and busy life. I remember driving by when the frame went up and I stood out the front with my kids and couldn't help the overwhelming tears fall down my face stop renting today had made this possible for me and I was over the moon. From then it felt like everything just all happened at once there was no delay in the build and handover was earlier than expected exactly 4 months as told no lies no tricks no scams just amazing. The site manager Scott was outstanding he let us look through the house whenever we needed and he did anything we requested just a lovely guy who made sure my house was superb.
Yesterday I received the keys to my beautiful new home, the smell of fresh paint and the lovely new garden, the beautiful kitchen just fills my heart with joy. My children have been excited since seeing the slab go down. Asking me every week to go see it, after sharing a room together and living in tiny old run-down rentals for years both my boys are ecstatic to have such a beautiful home to invite their friends over. 
Both Kevin and Amanda are passionate about making people's dreams come true and they really are great people not just good business people, but they understand the everyday struggles people face with banks and they took all the stressing away. I can never repay them for what they have done for me and my boys, to think only one year ago I was depressed about my living arrangements. The thought of never being able to have my own home for my children hurt me every day, feeling like I was working my but of to pay off other people's homes was so stressful and I know there are many families out there facing that daily struggle as I did. And now here I am lying in bed awaiting to move into my new home in only a few hours. 
The money I saved through this experience allowed me to purchase new furniture for my new beautiful home and today it all gets delivered and we start our new journey I can't wait! I would recommend anyone in a similar situation to call Kevin or Amanda today and just see if your dream can be possible. Read these testimonials if you have any doubts as I did that will prove that it's no scam it's very real, I had doubts to but I read every testimonial and I decided to trust them after all I had nothing to lose it was my only last hope!!! But it was so worth it. 
They will do what it takes to try make your dreams a reality, they know the right people to make it happen, why waste your life saving thousands of dollars when you could have it now? All my friends and family have been amazed by how fast and wonderful this process has been and I have already told all my friends and family about stop renting today. I could never have imagined this day would come reading these testimonials in my lounge room only a year ago and now it's my turn to move in! wow amazing! And it could be your dream and your reality to!

Rachel - Tel: 0431512681



We would like to sincerely thank Amanda and Kevin for the incredible result they have achieved for our small family. They have managed to facilitate a purchase of the house we thought could only be a dream. Their genuine efforts, dedication and professionalism are beyond our expectations. They have gone above and beyond in helping and guiding us through the whole process providing us every detail and ensuring that all queries and concerns are looked upon, making a stress-free experience for us.
From the onset we had confidence we were in the right hands and have no hesitation in recommending Stop Renting Today to others. It has been a great pleasure. Thank you!

Dennis & Kristine - Email:



For those of you sitting there thinking & wanting to know if this is a gimmick or an internet scam of some sort then listen up as I’m only going to say it once “ITS NOT”. Kevin & Amanda are genuine, hard working people that want you to have your own home. They provide a business model that works, you are dealing with experienced mortgage brokers, lawyers, builders & your mortgage may well end up with one of the big banks depending on what you choose from the options provided. The whole process is very transparent with Kevin & Amanda there making sure everything goes to plan. You do have to have the ability to save money towards a deposit, but there is no pressure to hurry up & purchase. It actually took us 16 months to get our house but 12 months of that was waiting for land to be released. For us it was a painless process that allowed us the opportunity to purchase our own home a lot sooner than we ever thought possible & for that Kevin & Amanda, Tania & I are truly grateful.
If you are unsure about this opportunity but want to know more I urge you to call me or anyone of the other people who have provided testimonials as we are living proof that Stop Renting Today works.

Dean Hudson - Tel: 0419700129



I have always wanted to be paying off my own home and after renting for 27 years, I just accepted the fact that it wasn't ever going to happen........ Well, I was wrong. Dreams do come true. Kevin and Amanda made my dream come true. I cannot thank them enough and I will be forever grateful for all their help. I didn't know very much about buying a home and everything that went along with it. I didn't need to know, Amanda and Kevin organized it all for me. I had their help the whole way through and their dedication, prompt responses to my queries and constant following up on my homes progress was paramount to them. I'm very, very happy as is the rest of my family with our lovely home. I can and will 100% highly recommend Stop Renting Today to get you into your new home. I love my house and I'm thrilled to be in it. Thank you, Amanda and Kevin.

Nadine - Tel: 0417794057



We put our trust in Kevin and Amanda and they absolutely came through for us tenfold.
They proved to us that they would stop at nothing to help us realize our dream of owning our first home.
It was a little confusing and stressful at times, but the end result was absolutely amazing and 100% worth it.
Kevin and Amanda have genuinely come up with a way to help people buy their first homes.
Our advice to anyone looking at buying their first home with Kevin and Amanda is that they should definitely do it. They are the best, you won't be disappointed, we guarantee it 

Issac and Alix - Tel: 0468931194



I have wanted a home of my own for a long time and I finally have achieved this with the help of Amanda and Kevin. I knew it would happen eventually, but it has happened so much sooner with the team from Stop Renting Today.
I really don’t know why I checked out the flyer that arrived in my letterbox, they usually don’t make it into the house. But I did and entered in my details and thought I’d never hear anymore from there. But Kevin called me promptly the next day suggesting that I was in a good position to get into my own home. I was quite cynical, but met with Kevin, looked at house blocks and before I could really digest what was happening, I’m meeting with a finance broker and well on the way to owning my own home. 
All through the process of planning and building Amanda was giving advice and explaining the process. Having seen the experiences of some of my friends building their homes, I was prepared for a very stressful time, but it went very smoothly, and my house was finished earlier than expected. 
I got to choose the design and colours of my house that I wanted from a good selection, and I got finance at a great rate through a big 4 bank. I was able to make adjustments to the plan to have my home just how I wanted. 
I’ve been living in my house for a few months now and it is a great little home. Very few problems to be fixed up and feels really well built. 
I’ve heard people say that these sorts of offers are dodgy, and you pay heaps more, but that has not been my experience at all. I would absolutely recommend Amanda and Kevin to you based on my experience.

Paula - Tel: 0417756462



Thanks to Kevin and Amanda we have been in our home a year now and we are so happy and grateful. if it wasn't for them we wouldn't be in our home today,
We love our new home and Kevin and Amanda where really good to work with
Always staying In touch on what is happening with the house and it's progress 
Thank you 

Matthew and Jessica - Mobile: 0467343585



I’d like to express my gratitude to Amanda and Kevin. With their help I’ve been able to achieve my dream of buying a home at least 12 months earlier than originally planned and with very little of the hassle. They were more than happy to answer any question I had or address any of the issues that arose along the way. Additionally, my beautiful 4 bedroom home is better than anything I ever imagined. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this process to anyone.”   

Rebecca - Mobile: 0407349976



I was at the point in my life that I had resigned myself to the fact that I would be renting the rest of my life. I had seen Kevin and Amanda’s kiosk at Strathpine shopping centre a few times but never really thought it would help me, one afternoon I was walking past and Kev was at the kiosk. 
I stopped for a chat on the off chance and curiosity had got the better of me Kev started to talk and I thought I was hit with a cyclone, turned out Kevin was and is one of the most genuine and nicest people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Both Kevin and Amanda bent over backwards to help me and explain the process several times to me, it just seemed to good and easy to be true but it was.
They both took me to several sites to look at land until I found the block that was just what I wanted; picking the house design was made easy due to having a wide range of homes to choose from and the ability to make changes that I wanted in my house. The build went well, any questions I had Amanda answered within a day I could not fault this service.
If it was not for Kevin and Amanda I would still be paying someone mortgage for them. I would not hesitate referring Kevin and Amanda to anyone and would like people to know that they are genuinely there to help.

Steven Morriss ( A Happy Home Owner) - Mobile: 0411644154



Dear Stop Renting Today Client
If you're reading this, you are probably in the same space that my husband and I were in when we first approached stop rent. Are you asking yourself the anything like.

We did, and they may be crazy but I think I can and will say, Amanda & Kevin did everything in their power to help us into our first home, if not for them we would still be in the rental cycle. Now, not only are we in our own home, but we got to design it. Right now, you have nothing to lose & everything to gain, it maybe a wild & crazy ride, but one definitely worth taking. 
Amanda & Kevin, thank you for sticking with us, for doing all the hard work, for giving us stability.
I am happy to receive any calls or emails if you have any questions or just want to make sure I am real.

Rose Fishwick, Mobile: 0420 585 280 - Email:



Dear Amanda and Kevin, 
I can't believe I finally own my own home for my family to live in and get to stop paying rent. Even with all the curveballs that came up with getting the house over the line, Amanda and Kevin were there every second of the process making sure everything was running smoothly. It didn't matter what came up, or what hurdles appeared, they were both there to help us constantly. I never thought this would be possible, but due to Kevin and Amanda, it's now a reality. Thank you Kevin and Amanda for everything, thanks to you I now have my own home to watch my beautiful family grow in. 
Thank you 

Karmel, Mobile: 0415945605



Dear Kevin & Amanda, 
We didn't think building a brand new home would be possible until we met you 'Stop Renting Today' then our dream started to become a reality.
We will be forever grateful for all your hard work.
Thank you!!

Adam & Hayley, Mobile: 0409476663



Hi Kevin and Amanda,
Thank you with getting and building my 1st home. You guys made the process so easy to do, I wish I had of done it sooner. Kevin you showed me how it's done, then Amanda took over and sorted all meetings with builders which took the stress right out of having to worry about it. I highly recommend any person thinking of obtaining their 1st home to get Kevin and Amanda to help take the stresses of building away. 
One very happy customer

Peter, Mobile: 0407 156 902



Dear Amanda and Kevin,
I can only give all my thanks to you both for assisting me in building and buying my first home.  Being a single parent with no deposit, Kevin, you initially walked me through the process and helped me choose a lovely plot on which to build.  Amanda, you took over with the arrangements and kept me up to date with all I needed to know and covered the ground work on my behalf so that I didn’t need to worry about a thing. 
It was an exciting process, I was able to choose my own designs, specifications and colours to make a home that was just what I wanted.  The whole thing was a very personalized and amazing experience for me and one that I never thought I would ever be able to do.
Thank you Amanda, Kevin for making it all possible for me. I am truly loving my new home!

Melanie, Mobile: 0411 174 548



Hi Amanda & Kevin,
Thank you for all your efforts during the recent construction of our new home, guiding us in the right direction. We feel like we are on vacation everyday! I would also like you to pass on our thanks to the teams of people who worked with you. 
Amanda was able to modify and improve the floor plan and organised the drafting of a plan that better suited our needs and all the upgrades it has turned out amazing.
We are very proud of what we have accomplished with our beautiful home.
A BIG thankyou to Amanda & Kevin at Stop Renting Today for your help getting us our "dream home" We love it!

Bec & Jess, Mobile:0434 509 429



From Anish Sahadevan and family
Last summer if you had asked me about being the owner of a brand-new home in a boutique new estate in one of the most sought after suburbs in Brisbane, I’d have ruled that out for me almost immediately. As for me, a single dad of two young girls, with only an income from the one job I have as a Registered Nurse, building a new house was almost an impossible affair. Impossible, until I came across the Stop Renting Today cubicle at Westfield, Strathpine.
Meeting Kevin and Amanda, the flag bearers of Stop Renting Today, has been one of the most fruitful associations of my life. The always optimistic Kevin and the enthusiastic, straight-to-the-point Amanda Watson did a careful and realistic assessment of my financial situation, along with their broker, and charted out a pathway which could realize me getting my own home within the next few months. 
They said I could design my own home, right down to the area and style, without a significant increase from my present renting cost, and that too without having much to put down as a deposit! Pessimistically and reluctantly, I agreed to see how far we can go.
Ever since the plans were drawn and submitted to the council last Christmas, Kevin and Amanda walked me through each and every step of the process, being the voice for me with the builders and bankers. My house was ready and handed over in time, with love in 4 months flat! 
Thank you Stop Renting Today for the delivery of such a high-quality home exactly how I wanted it, within the budget and time.
Now, coming home has become the best part of my day! I have a highly functional abode, with 4 bedrooms plus a study, 2 living areas, 2 bathrooms and a 2 car garage. Everything you dream of in a modern home, and I barely pay $125 more per week than the similar house I was renting in a nearby suburb! Kevin and Amanda still keep tabs making sure it’s all good and up to the high standards they have set their homes to be.
So, I’m all too happy to endorse Stop Renting Today and I’m eager to get the word out to my family and friends who have apprehensions about their ability to enter the property ladder. Stop Renting Today is as genuine and honest as it could get, and you’ll not regret your decision to entrust them your dream of building your home.
Best wishes.

Anish Sahadevan, Email: - Mobile: 07-31425160 & 0402695246



We were wishing to own a home since we moved in to Australia, but I thought that dream was just impossible, as we simply cannot afford it. However, since we were introduced to Kevin and Amanda from Stop Renting Today, that dream came alive and they made us realize that IT COULD BE DONE. 
This wonderful couple have channeled us to the right people and made us feel so important. Kevin and Amanda have been our cornerstone in owning a home. 
Their unselfish support, working the extra miles on our behalf, there generous time spent with us and the un-endless supervision throughout the project was remarkable. We truly felt that we were fully supported every step of the way and for that, we are so grateful. Words are not even enough to describe how thankful we are to both of you, waking each day to our beautiful home thinking how we are blessed to have met you and helping us to make our dream come true.
I pray that you will meet and help more people stepping into the property market. Your commitment to your customers, your honesty and attention to details (Amanda) are highly exceptional! We definitely recommend your company to our friends and colleagues.
More power.
Best regards

Ronnie and Angelina Santos, Mobile: 0410408636 - Email:



Hi guys, 
We were very happy with Stop Renting Today, you made our dream come alive again, we are very grateful for all the team involved in the building of our new home. We didn't think we would be able to buy again, but Kevin and Amanda Watson made this possible for us. We have no hesitation in recommending Stop Renting Today to organize building your new home, special thanks go out to SRK electrical for doing such a great job with the electrical extras as requested. Great work Scott and your experienced team highly recommended.
Keep up the good work.

Jeremy and Jaye Forlong, Mobile: 0449156482



Dear Kevin and Amanda,
We would like to say thank you very much for everything you have done for us! 
Thanks to Stop Renting Today we are now living in our own home and not paying off someone else's mortgage. Through Stop Renting Today's assistance, this was achieved at least two years faster than if we had attempted to do it ourselves.
Apart from doing it faster, your assistance and advice made the process simple with step by step guidance from the first through to the last day. Throughout the entire process you and Amanda have been there to assist with our queries and concerns. You have been an invaluable conduit between us, the developers, the solicitors, the mortgage brokers and the builders.
I would be more than happy to recommend their services and advice to anyone wanting to contact me at 0429926157.

Gary Westaway, Mobile: 0429926157



Cannot thank Amanda and Kevin enough for helping us get into our first home. At first I was skeptical, thinking if it sounds too good to be true, it generally is, however I am happy to admit that I was wrong.
Amanda and Kevin were there the whole way to assist us in the purchase of our first home, from finding a property to build on and finding a mortgage broker thorough to getting the keys to our house, and we are now living in our house, paying off our own mortgage instead of paying off someone else’s investment.
I highly recommend stop renting today for people that are in similar positions to myself, finding it hard to save for a deposit but being able to afford a mortgage, and I am happy to write this testimonial as well as being open to someone contacting me to discuss my experience.
Thank you again to Amanda and Kevin for making our dream of owning our first house a reality!

Shane Curtis, Mobile: 0409690361



We would like to express how truly grateful and blessed our family to have Amanda and Kevin as our agent in purchasing our first home. Since this was our third attempt on purchasing a house and having an awful experience on previous occasions, we were apprehensive and skeptical going to this venture, but the expertise and knowledge of Amanda and Kevin put us at ease and help us in making a right/better decision. They explained to us thoroughly the entire process and gave us guidance in providing necessary information and connecting us to relevant people involved in this process - from setting up with the mortgage broker, solicitor and builder. They genuinely care for their clients and go above and beyond our expectations. Their work ethics make our experience less stressful and exciting. They even gave us an honest opinion when we asked for advice and also offered their own suggestions. They met with us numerous times outside of usual work hours. They also took consideration everything we wanted for our home and the same time helped us stay in line with our budget. Their professionalism, diligence and excellent communication skill were the big factor why we are now enjoying our first home. Thanks for your continued endeavor to help us become a first home owner. We HIGHLY recommend STOP RENTING to others.

Cyrus and Rose Guce, Mobile: 0452473158



Amanda and Kevin are an amazing team and ‘Stop Renting Today’ have lived up to their name and have provided an excellent service and have made our dreams come true.

Nicole, Mobile: 0402664414



The first time we heard of Stop Renting Today, we had received a flyer in the mail. I remember both my husband and I taking one look at it and thinking ‘yeah right!’, and chucking it in the junk pile, and that was that. 
Long story short, we got curious enough to make contact, even while thinking it was too good to be true! Hubby spoke to Kevin on the phone a few times, and then we went to meet Kevin and Amanda at their stall. Despite my skepticism, we crunched some numbers with them and ended up picking our land just a few short hours later!
Over the next few weeks we met with Mortgage Broker and the builder to get the ball rolling. Kevin and Amanda were fantastic throughout the whole process, they helped us through every little snag and constantly kept us updated.
To be honest, I don’t think my skepticism completely faded until we actually started the building process, but man was it exciting when we did! We can’t sing our praises enough about Amanda and Kevin and the whole process. They really handed us our dream home on a platter, something we wouldn’t have been able to do on our own for many more years. We will never be able to fully express our gratitude and thanks enough.
We highly recommend anyone who is looking to get into their first home to contact Amanda and Kevin at Stop Renting today, you will not regret it!! We are available to answer questions should any of you out there need help getting over your skepticism!

Carly and Josh Hartley, Mobile: 0400330925/0400069291, Email -



“What’s the catch?”
That was the first question that came to my mind when hulky old Kevin was briefing on the path we were going to take, when I first met him 3 months ago. “Too good to be true”, I thought, for myself, a Registered Nurse and a single dad with two baby girls, owning a home anywhere in or around Brisbane was a little more than a fantasy, let alone building a plush, new one! Like any garden variety businessperson, Kevin appeared supremely confident about my ‘prospects’, and even had a date-of-entry into my home! “Aha”, I had thought then, “You’re not fooling me buddy!”
3 months down the line, I’m realizing how I couldn’t have been more wrong. It was like clockwork, or a well-oiled machine. Kevin and Amanda had a sincere and realistic appraisal of my personal situation, their finance broker tallied the numbers for me and we had a clear idea of what we wanted when we first shook hands with the builder. To cut the long story short, I could propose my own plans, turned into concept design, the nightmarish red-tapes were aptly dealt with and in no time I got an unconditional approval from the Bank, bang at Christmas-time, just as Amanda had promised! I had barely left my home for all this, and my slab is all set to go down in just over a month.
I’ve seen how involved Kevin and Amanda has been with my case, and they always fight for us. I couldn’t be more thankful to “Stop Renting Today” and I sincerely hope the personal relationship I had developed with its torch-bearers Kevin and Amanda, is here to stay. I’d vouch for their honesty, professionalism and sincerity, any day anywhere. 
And as for the answer to the first question, here’s what I found out:
There’s NO catch. Not one, what-so-ever. 

Anish-Registered Nurse, Email -



Dear Kevin and Amanda,
We are so very grateful for the opportunity you have given us with purchasing our first home. For the last 3 years we were struggling to pay rent and save for a deposit at the same time, and we never through this day would happen. It all started with me walking past your stand at Strathpine Shopping centre and though it wouldn’t hurt to see if this was at all possible for us. We had a meeting with Kevin on the 22nd of February and placed a hold on our land the very same day. Our slab went down on the 2nd of June and 20 weeks later we got the keys. We have now been in our own house for a month and we are so happy with how it’s all turned out. I would also like to thank the builder and the broker. We would highly recommend Stop Renting Today to anyway wanting to get into their own house.
Again Thank You

Kathryn & Ash, 0401948882



Dear Kevin and Amanda
It is with great pleasure that I write this recommendation for you. My wife Lisa and I thought it would not be possible to have our own home as we are both in our fifties. You came and explained everything in simple terms so that we could understand them, you advised that there would be a change in the deposit in a couple of weeks and that we would have to hurry or we would have to pay more. We did think that this was just to get us to sign up quicker but it was confirmed when we spoke to the mortgage broker.
Kevin came and spoke to us on the Monday night and on the Wednesday we went and picked our block of land in the morning as we had a meeting with Monica that afternoon. Certainly a rush but after that meeting everything slowed down as we were dealing with the banks. From the 28th October till the 9th December we selected our kitchen design and the house design that we wanted but were still waiting for the banks final approval, which the bank dragged out till the 5th of February.
Due to our ages the banks were playing hard ball and not passing the valuations on the house or the second design that Amanda had drawn up for us. So much so that we ended up going back to the first design and adjusting the contract to suit the valuer. 
We have had a few up’s and down’s over the course of the build but we have got there in the end the house looks really good and feels like a home should. 
This is to recommend Kevin & Amanda who went to great lengths to help us through this period.
Best regards

Robert & Lisa Stewart, Email:



Dear Kevin and Amanda
Oliver and I would like to thank you for your assistance in helping us achieve our dream of owning our very own home.  
Your help and support was invaluable.  The task seemed daunting, but you were with us every step of the way and relieved the stress of the process.  You were both enthusiastic and professional at all times. We have now moved into our dream home, everything is perfect and we could not have done it without Stop Renting Today we will be forever grateful for everything you have done for us.
We would highly recommend Stop Renting Today to anyone that wants to get out of the rental cycle and own their own home.

Oliver & Brooke, 0402509384



We will be forever grateful to Kevin and Amanda, without them we wouldn’t be living in our new home. They made everything so easy, from setting up appointments with the mortgage broker, the solicitor and the builder to final inspections once our home was completed. All the stress of building our first home was taken away thanks to Kevin and Amanda. They were there for us every step of the way and we could contact them any time we had questions or concerns; no matter how big or small. From the bottom of our hearts we say thank you Kevin and Amanda. The dream of one day owning our home has now been made a reality. We would gladly recommend Stop Renting Today to anyone who is thinking about taking that next step into owning their own home.

Casey & Kylie McBride, 0422 857 838.



Like most young families, my wife and I with a new little one were dreaming of one day owning our first family home. However, like most young families, we were renting and finding it hard to save up the necessary finances to even consider looking at purchasing. During one of my rants about our situation to a friend, we were directed to Kevin and Amanda’s kiosk. As there was no harm in getting some information, I submitted my family’s details to see how we go. The next day I was contacted by Kevin, and after a quick evaluation over the phone we were told we could build our home. 
When we first met Kevin and Amanda, we discussed what we wanted in our first home and our budget and Kevin was very enthusiastic about making it happen for us. Being a sceptic at heart, I was hesitant as Kevin was telling me that not only can my wife and I own our first home, but we can own the home we envisioned. By the end of the meeting we had looked at a block of land in the area we wanted, and the ball was already rolling. Kevin and Amanda were very friendly and discussed the best options for us, while also keeping us within a manageable budget. Again, it was at this stage I was waiting for the catch but continued in the hope that it could actually happen. 
After we decided on the block of land and then during our meeting with the builder, we looked at plans that suited our budget, yet somehow incorporated what we wanted in our first home. Jodie was amazing at every stage of the building process. The full package contained no hidden surprises and the complete build cost was discussed and finalized during the initial meeting. Jodie was extremely approachable during the whole process and any/all concerns or changes were dealt with in a friendly and professional manner. Being Kevin and Amanda’s exclusive builder partner, I was concerned that being locked to a single builder would potentially cause issues down the line. However, this quickly proved to be an exceptional and quality builder and made me feel a little silly for the concern. Regarding finance we were directed to a great broker to discuss the finance options, and they were incredibly friendly and helpful. They outlined the best finance options for us and through Commonwealth Bank Australia, we were approved for the home loan we needed. They fought to ensure that the finance aspect of the process was as quick and easy as possible. Having gone through the finance process and having the finance through Commonwealth Bank, the skeptic began to disappear, and we were truly excited that it was really going to happen. 
During the whole process a small part of me always was worried that something was going to go wrong. Now I am writing this in the Dining area of our first family home. Building and obtaining finance was not stressful and an overall easy process. This would not have happened without Kevin and Amanda. Kevin’s enthusiasm and Amanda’s motivation complimented each other in pushing the process through as quickly and stress free as possible. They have allowed us to realize our dream of owning our first home and having the place to raise our new family, and call it ours! 
Thank you Kevin and Amanda, I can finally say in truth that I am “Livin’ the Dream!” Should anyone wish to contact me with any questions, queries, or concerns regarding any stage of the process with Kevin and Amanda, please do not hesitate to contact me to talk about it. !

Myles Stace, Mobile: 0412 289 909 - Email:



Dear Kevin and Amanda, It is with great pleasure that I write this testimonial. From the moment Kevin walked into our home I was blown away by his confidence and ability to make everything seem possible. Being a numbers girl, I initially struggled to see how it would be possible for my husband and I to own a home at just 21 & 23 years of age and having only been married for 1 month. After spending hours trying to find ‘the catch’ and being unsuccessful I agreed to go with Kevin to ‘look’ at land. It didn’t take long for the looking to turn to buying as we put a block of land on hold after only 1 hour! After some initial hurdles I was ready to give up on our dream although Kevin never lost the confidence and encouraged us to push through as the award at the end would be worth it. As I stand on our driveway of our amazing new home I am overwhelmed with gratitude, Kevin and Amanda have made what I considered an unrealistic dream come true. Having someone there who is full of knowledge and ideas during our building process has been such a valuable tool which has helped us in decision making along the way. They take customer service above and beyond anything that I could have ever expected. I would encourage any first home buyer to speak to Kevin and Amanda at Stop Renting Today and enjoy watching your dream develop from a piece of dirt to a place to call home. Kevin was right the award at the end was totally worth it!
Thank you doesn’t seem to be enough to cover the appreciation that we feel for everything you have done for us, we will be forever grateful!

Tiffany & Nathan Visser (Dakabin), 0450 745 900



Choosing to build a home was the biggest decision that either of us had made. We have looked around and Stop Renting Today was our choice for their easy setup and access to home loan. Their professionalism and quality was far above our expectations, and the friendly Amanda and Kevin were a pleasure to work with. Everyone who had a hand in the process, from plans to financing to construction and the finishing touches was friendly and did their best to accommodate our needs and wants. We are extremely happy with the outcome! Our home is everything we wanted and more! We recommend Stop Renting Today to anyone who is looking for a quality-built house constructed by a caring group of people who truly make a house a home. 
Kind Regards

Vikash Lal, 0450704401



Dear Kevin & Amanda, 
Firstly I would like to say a huge thanks for helping me achieve my goal of owning my first home! 
Secondly I wish to provide some brief details for you to pass on to future potential clients. 
For those of you who have just met Kevin & Amanda, you are probably like me when I first met them, this seems to easy and too good to be true right? Wrong! I'm telling you it is that easy, when I first came across stop renting today, I was not entertaining the idea of purchasing my first home, as I was just going through the motions, paying rent etc. 
it was then that I realised that over the past 12 months renting that I had nearly paid close to 25k towards a property that was not even mine! 
This made me look at my myself long and hard because 25k in rent a year is just stupid! 
So with that I said to Kevin & Amanda, let's make this happen! 
Within two weeks of the first initial meeting, we were running sums, looking at vacant blocks and budgeting build values. 
It all happened so quick that I got scared and unsure as I kept thinking, "no way" this can't be that easy! 
But trust me, it was! Kevin & Amanda took care of everything, along with their lawyer Pat and brokers. Collectively these guys took care of everything, all I had to do was make sure all my ducks were in order and sign off on paperwork. 
I met Kevin & Amanda in January and moved into my new house in July. 
Pretty good going considering what's involved in terms of planning, consents and construction etc. 
All in all I love my new house, and getting there was such a simple process as these guys take care of all the hard work, I highly recommend their services, and if there is anyone who is interested but skeptical, please feel free to contact me as I would be more than happy to discuss. 
Lastly, you won't be disappointed, especially when rent payments start contributing to your own back pocket 

Stuart, 0437 042 268



Amanda and Kevin,
Thanks is the least that I can offer you both after the way in which you have changed my life. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would be living in my own property within the next five year. 
Last week you handed over the keys and offered your congratulations for my dream come true. 
You both were informative, flexible, contactable and understanding throughout the whole process. 
I encourage your prospective clients to contact me should they have any questions, for feedback or are uncertain about taking the next step. 
My house is absolutely beautiful and after just one week has been transformed into my home. The feeling I get from the little things, coming home from work, checking the mailbox, admiring my garden, is indescribable.
I am more than happy that I met you both and forever grateful for what you have done for me. Thank you both from the bottom of my heart.
Tina, 0437 998 668



I met Amanda through a couple friends who have also successfully owned their own house through Stop Renting Today. Amanda was very professional, knowledgeable and helpful from Day 1. She was very patient with my many questions and guided me through every process from selecting the land to modifying the layout of the house as I wanted it to be and getting my home loan approved as well. She explained every stage to me very clearly and that constantly gave me assurance. What I also appreciated about Amanda was that she was always reachable through email, phone and text message.
Before I met Amanda, owning my own house was something I never thought could happen any time soon. It was through her that I now happily have my own HOME and with that I am forever grateful. 

Lyn of Bray Park, 0422 251 338



To Kevin and Amanda
We are writing this to show our sincere gratitude towards Kevin and Amanda in helping us to achieve one of the biggest goals in our life.
One day we received a “Stop Renting Today” brochure in the mail. Then we both decided to call Kevin and Amanda. They both came to our house and explained to us the whole way through the process to build our first home.
Then our journey began.
Thanks again Kevin and Amanda for your help, we are forever grateful. Thanks for making our DREAM COME TRUE……… THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH.
With regards

Subhash Naidu and Uma Naidu, 0424 379 901



To Kevin and Amanda,
We just wanted to write to you and express our appreciation for everything you have done for us. When we first heard about Stop Renting Today, we thought it was too good to be true, but we soon discovered it is true! Corey and I never thought we would have our own home at the age of 22 and 24 and now we do thanks to you. Everything about our experience has been amazing from our first meeting with Kevin at Strathpine shops, to the hand over on Friday 11th July.
the builders have also been great to deal with. Every time Corey or I called, not once did we ever have to explain who we were, they knew straight away and we felt like we were thier only client. They always went above and beyond whenever we wanted to change something or ask a question.
We love everything about our new home and could not recommend this more. It’s a great opportunity for people like us who were renting and not able to rent and save a deposit for a home.
Thank you again!

From Corey Lewis & Caitlin Luker, 0421 217 008



Hi Kevin and Amanda
It was our pleasure to write this Testimonial for you. Again we will never be able to thankyou enough, we love our new home and still can’t believe we’re actually living in it now.
Many Thanks, Ed & Emma
We found Stop Renting Today when we were researching how to go about living our dream of building our own home. After seeing mortgage brokers, numerous builders etc. we had thought that it would be many months before we’d be in any position to get a mortgage, choose a builder and find the right block of land that suited our numerous needs and budget. It all seemed rather complicated, was new to us and we barely knew where to start. But when we met Kevin and Amanda – this all changed!
Ed spoke with Kevin before I met him, and I could tell straight away that Ed’s spirits had lifted since talking to him. Kevin and Amanda made it sound easy and assured us that they’d help us make it happen a lot sooner than we thought possible. They really backed us from day one and accommodated our specific needs. We were skeptical at first and thought this is too good to be true, what’s the catch? Turns out, there isn’t one! Before we knew it we had finance, decided on a block and were looking at floor plans!
Kevin and Amanda have steered us through the whole process – they have the experience and the passion to make our dream a reality. They have been nothing but generous and flexible with their time, and our endless amounts of questions were always answered. Whenever we hit any roadblocks, they put us at ease and helped us solve any problems promptly, which was very reassuring given it was such a new process for us. They have certainly gone above and beyond our expectations.
We would like to mention our thanks to Tammie for all our banking needs. We love our new home and found the builder really flexible, helpful and friendly, not to mention they were efficient and effective with building our home without any major delays.
Finally we are extremely thankful to Kevin and Amanda for making a dream a reality and found them an absolute pleasure to deal with. If you are thinking of getting out of renting, at the very least give Kevin and Amanda a call and see if they can help you like they did for us!

Emma & Ed – 0409 896 766



It is our immense pleasure to highly recommend Amanda and Kevin to any prospective first home builder. We saw the online advert and contacted them. Within a couple of days Kevin came to our house and discussed how it should be easy to build our own house (just as it is outlined on their website). Same day Kevin took us to have a look at a couple of houses being built. After that we went to have a look at the lots available and were given a rare opportunity of choosing our land. It seemed too good to be true. 
The long and short of it all, our house is complete and has been handed over to us. We should be moving into our new built house soon. Our dream has come true. All this made possible by the hardworking team of Amanda and Kevin and our builder. They kept the process moving, in fact not just moving but moving very fast, thus removing the burden associated with building your own house. Contact them and you will not regret you did. If you want to hear more we are contactable on 0408905680. 

Sidney and Mercy



To Amanda and Kevin,
We were very unsure on the process of building a new home it all seemed overwhelming to us, so when we noticed the stop renting today booth at Strathpine Westfield, we thought it couldn’t hurt to ask. We are now very thankful that we had, Amanda and Kevin took us through the process step by step and made it so easy to understand, we really were going to be lost without them and now we are proud owners of an amazing house much better than we could ever have imagined. We truly recommend working together with the amazing team at Stop renting today, don’t hesitate to stop and have a chat to them you will be amazed at what can be achieved in such a small amount of time, in less than six months we are moving into are new home. 
Feel free to call us 0409080631

Thanks again, Ryan and Cameron



We had been renting for 5 years since getting married and moving to Brisbane in 2009.
There was no way, no how, we were going to be able to afford the Australian dream of owning our own home.
August: We met Amanda from Stop Renting Today in our local mall.
We haven’t looked back since.
A to B, they organized EVERYTHING from when we said Yes, to handing our family the KEYS to our brand new family home in June.
Stop Renting Today, gave us the beginning of our Australian Dream.
If you’re looking at building a home, 100% guaranteed, Stop Renting Today are the people you need to speak to. (or give us a call).

Kind Regards, Falesa and Daphne Reuelu, Brand new Home Owners, GRIFFIN QLD 4503, M: 0450 005 948



Hi Amanda,
Sorry if its a bit of a novel. Ive tried to cut it down. Feel free to cut it shorter if its still too long.
Thank you again for all you and Kevin have done.
Greg and Jane
Dear Amanda and Kevin,
I’m still not entirely sure how it all worked, only, once it got started it was fast - very fast, and everything was as promised.
After a previous attempt at buying a home didn’t go according to plan, we had resolved to setting this goal aside for another 2 years. Then one day Jane called me at work to say she had picked up a Stop Renting Today pamphlet at a stall in Strathpine Mall. I arrived home from work and told my wife that I’ve met people like this, that she shouldn’t get her hopes up, that we’re wasting our time. She begged me to just give Kevin a call, one chat and if I don’t like it I can hang up.
I am extremely grateful that my wife persevered - that I made that phone call - that I met with Kevin - that he gave his assurance and guidance - that he showed us land opportunities - that became the foundations of a beautiful home. 
Our sincerest thanks to you both.

Greg and Jane, Ph: 0488 262 635



We are very grateful for everything you have done with helping us move into our first BRAND NEW home. Something we thought was not possible for at least a few more years.
After seeing a few mortgage brokers and banks in 2013 my partner and I realized we would have to save for at least a year or 2 to have the deposit for our first home. But then we met Kevin... While shopping on Saturday morning my partner and I stopped at the Stop Renting Today Stall at Strathpine and I remember Kevin said to us, "let's get you your first home” my partner and I thought the same thing what’s the catch, should we take a risk and trust this company, it appeared all too easy and felt like a huge risk to take at this time. 
The day still feels like a blur, we went from doing our weekly shop to looking at land to build our new home on. 
Being first home buyers we had no idea what was involved. But we were guided through and looked after so well by Amanda that we didn’t need to worry. The building started in February and we were in our new home by late May.
Thank you also to the builder. Building our home was so quick and stress free that it is still hard to believe just how easy the whole process was. We recommend anyone who wants to get into their own home to contact Kevin and Amanda. They made our dreams come true and a lot sooner than we thought.
Thank you again Kevin and Amanda

Janelle and Richard, Tel: 0450 046 199



My husband had been in the army for many years and we rented the whole way through his career, when the kids came along we started to have big dreams about our future. We wanted to be able to own a house and to stop paying other peoples mortgages off and start to pay our own.
It wasn't an easy journey until we found Stop Renting Today, everything went as smooth as they had promised and now we really are living our fairytale life.
Not only did we get our own house but we chose the design the colours and everything is perfect.
Thankyou from the bottom of our hearts Kevin and Amanda and the team, we couldn’t have done this without you.

Michael. Jacqui and Family, Details withheld for Privacy



Dear Amanda & Kevin,
We would like to thank you for helping us achieve our dream of owning our first home. Thank you for all your help from the very beginning when we came to see you at the ‘Stop Renting’ stall at Westfield Strathpine and right through to the loan application and the completion of the building process. You were never too busy to give us advice, assistance & support during our loan application. Without your help it would not have been possible. We cannot thank you enough & we would gladly recommend you to anyone wanting to buy a new home. You are always welcome in our new home that would not have been possible without you.

Mark & Antoinette Brooks, Tel: 0430 156 923



It all started from a casual walk and query in the mall at Strathpine with Kevin that came to a reality.   Yes, we are so grateful for this opportunity that STOP RENTING TODAY has made for us as a family.  Some friends refused to believe the reality of no deposit scheme; some said too good to be true.  But no, the realization of having a dream house happened just in half a year. 
Many thanks to you, Kevin and Amanda! May your endeavors come back to you with a hundredfold of good things.  Keep it up! 

From Allan Elvie and David Arpon, Email:



We recently moved into our new home.
If it wasn't for the expertise of Kevin and Amanda we would still be renting.
We were hesitant at first because their system seemed to good to be true.
Kevin came to our house and was so casual yet professional, as he knows his products and suppliers so well; his thinking and planning just rolled of his tongue and were taken back by how easy everything was.
We were nervous about the authenticity of the Testimonials and the planning as a whole.
I can reassure you I have never written a testimonial before and didn't think I would find myself writing one, however Kevin and Amanda are genuine professionals and if my Testimonial can help you to have the confidence to trust Stop renting and enjoy the joy myself, my wife and my three kids have experienced, I'm happy to be writing one for both there gain and yours.
As I work away my time at home is short, Kevin meet with us, completed our borrowing capabilities assessment, gave us a figure to work too and organized a meeting with a developer directly after. Within a couple of hours we had a deposit on a block of land, a meeting with an awesome bank manager for the following day.
I returned home from work three weeks later to a pre-approval and a planned meeting with the builder to discuss house designs, there was some minor changes to be made which Kevin and Amanda guided us through and before we knew it we were signing our home loan documents.
Three months later we were handed the keys to our brand new home.
The builder provided us with a house we cannot fault, the turn key package is worth every cent since moving in we have not had to do a thing to the house except enjoy it, the finishes are beautiful, there tradesman ship is great and the office staff and project management team are second to none, be a Project Manager myself I can appreciate the timing, planning and execution of the build.
Overall we are ecstatic with the finished product, and would gladly recommend the Stop renting Team and their associates to anyone in the hope you have the same experience we did.
I can be contacted on 0439 251 516 for confirmation or to answer any questions you may have.
Thank you Kevin, Amanda, Tammie and the team.

Yours sincerley, Shannon and Bec Paewhenua



To Amanda and Kevin!
Marc and I would like to send our deepest gratitude and thanks to both of you for helping us make our dream come true -having our own home. We did not see this coming as early as this. We are blessed that we met Amanda and Kevin.
A friend of mine referred me at stop renting today and I met Amanda and Kevin. Then our journey began.
From the start to finish they (Amanda and Kevin of stop renting today, Jodie of Sunvista Homes, and Monica, Ane and Sue of Aussie Home loans) were so patient, enthusiastic and professional.
Thank you so much to ALL of you guys! You ALL did a great job and it was a pleasure working with you!!!
Until now when I think about it I still get emotional because I still can't believe that we've got a house that we can truly say our OWN.
We highly recommend stop renting today to anyone wanting to build their own home.
We will never forget you and will forever remain in our hearts.
Words are not enough to say thank you.

Mary and Marc - 0426267227



Hey Kevin & Amanda,
We just want to say a big thank you A BIG BIG THANK YOU for all your help and support as me and my wife thought we wouldn’t be able to get into a house of our own this soon. With me working in Mount Isa and my wife back in Brisbane with the 2 little rascals dealing with the family tragedy that happened you were there with us trying to do everything that you could to get us into our home and never stopped trying. 
I remember my wife’s mum got a brochure from the shopping centre and passed it to my wife and I said that’s an expensive shopping Then me thinking with our finances we won’t be able to do it but the best thing I have done was listen to my wife… (don’t tell her that). Now we are currently in our own home and not spending money or anything in rent. 
From day go it has been very pleasant working with you both and if we ever build another home I know you guy’s will be there for us and make it as stress free as you have made our first home. You guys are Angels that’s for sure, you both were always there for us when we called and that’s the most important thing.
If you ever requires a reference Kevin & Amanda (Stop Renting Today) please don’t hesitate to use our number… 0423 966 691
Yours Thankfully 

The Poland Family: Clement & Jhelvy Poland



My wife and I were close to our 50’s and had given up on our dream to own our own home. Then one day while walking around Westfield Strathpine we saw a sign “STOP RENTING TODAY” we stopped to talk to the couple behind the small counter. Once the introductions were over, Kevin and Amanda explained they could help us own our own home. At first we did not believe it was possible but as we listened to Kevin and Amanda’s enthusiasm and professionalism, we started to believe.
On the 7th of March my wife and I took possession of our very own home.
With many thanks to Kevin and Amanda…aka “THE DREAM MAKERS” mine and my wife’s dream of owning our own home has come true.

Craig & Candy Fitzsummons Mobile: 0403 303 310



Hi Kevin and Amanda,
We would just like to say thank you for your help in making our dream come true of owning our own home.
From the very beginning to hand over day you guided us through all the processes and made it all as stress free as possible.
Without your help we would still be renting, possibly forever!!
We recommend anyone wanting to get into their own home to speak to Kevin and Amanda. You won’t be disappointed.
Kind Regards

David and Jennifer, 07 3481 0303,



From the start, it has been a pleasure to work with the team at and Sunvista Homes.
They consistently demonstrated enthusiasm, professionalism, tight project management and excellent communication throughout the process of developing our dream home. In addition, the quality of our brand new home is first class and have more than fulfilled our original brief.
Many thanks to Amanda and Kevin from and to all those who have worked hard to make our dream home come true and for the smooth journey through the building process. 
To those who want to build their first dream home I strongly recommend Amanda and Kevin will help you all out as much as they can, their service if first class. The builder also did an amazing job of building the house on time.
I can be contacted if someone wants to see the amazing job these people have done.

Rosaline Chand (0421491831)
NOTE: This is the second testimonial from our wonderful clients, they gave us one when their land became unconditional and this one when they moved in!



We are writing this to show our sincere gratitude towards Kevin and Amanda in helping us to achieve one of the biggest goals in our life.
It was during a normal weekend shopping day we visited the “Stop Renting Today” kiosk. After meeting Kevin there we started believing that we can stop renting and be the owner of a home. 
We had our baby just two months back and didn’t have much savings at that time. The way “Stop Renting Today” work, helped us to retain that savings and we were able to utilize that money to buy new furniture for our home. I had to mention special thanks to Amanda for helping us with all the paper work right from signing the contract of sale for the land till the handover of the key.
The day we met Kevin (15th June) he told us we would be able to get the keys before Christmas and exactly the same thing happened (we got the keys on December 20).

Thanks, Sreekumar & Jyothy, 0406 919 445



For a young couple starting a family Lenita and I really wanted to buy a home and put all our money towards something of our own. 
We had no idea where to start and what to do to accomplish what we wanted and everything we looked into was far too expensive and out of our reach.
We received a "Stop Renting Today" brochure in the mail, we sent Kevin and Amanda an email on their website and heard back from them the very next day. 
Kevin and Amanda helped us the whole way through the process to build our first home, they helped us get our home loan and supported us each step of the way. 
Without Kevin and Amanda's help we would still be saving and struggling to get where we are today. 
We appreciate all the little things Kevin and Amanda did to help us and push us in the right direction to be living in our beautiful new home. 
We encourage anyone who is in the situation we were in to put their faith in Kevin and Amanda at Stop Renting Today to help you through the process of owning your own home. 

For more information please call Reece Howard and Lenita Carroll - Proud new home owners on 0404 415 020 or 0412 403 761.



Kevin & Amanda, 
We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for all your help. From the initial process of getting the finance organized, selecting a block, all the way through the building process to completion. This is something we could not have achieved without your help, guidance and the occasional push in the right direction. 
Now we have the keys it is a dream come true to own our own home and not have to pay rent anymore.
We can’t thank you enough.

Matt & Tash, 0448121106



We were feeling like we were stuck in a rental house, battling to try and save a deposit to one day (probably in the next several years) finally be able to afford one of our biggest dreams, to buy our very own house. 
Then one day I got the mail out of the letter box and saw the Stop Renting Today flyer. I brought it inside and had a look at it. I did some research about it trying to find the secret catch, to prove that nothing can be this easy. After doing a bit of research and finding out how it works and that there isn’t any big bad catches to worry about, I called Kevin and he came that weekend to talk to my wife and myself explaining what their company is about and what they can do for us. 
After going through everything, we were interested and Kevin took us to look at available land in the area we could be interested in. We signed up after finding the perfect block of land for us and then went through the exciting experience of building our very own house. 
Kevin and Amanda were a great help through this process and answered every annoying little question I had and helped us through the process. We felt very supported by them and I thank you two very much for everything you have done. 
We now are living in our very own brand new home and couldn’t of done it without the Stop Renting Today Team... Thank you all very much!!!

Alex and Sasha (Alex 0434 358 623)



Dear Kevin and Amanda
It's been like yesterday when I made a phone call to Amanda to book an appointment. Then we met Kevin and he explained to us everything regarding owing a house in a very simple and affordable way. We thought "It's too good to be true"... but it really is!
Owning a place we call home is the best gift we have received this Christmas. If it was not for Stop Renting Today, we would still be renting. Many many thanks. We will never forget meeting you both and you making our dream a reality.
Many thanks for helping us have a house here in Australia. We will recommend Stop Renting Today to our friends.
Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year! 

Lene and Lorenzo Adoranado, 0414 668 661



Dear Kevin and Amanda,
It was with great pleasure that I write this recommendation for you. My daughter and myself thought it would not be possible to have our own home, but you both worked tirelessly to make it happen. Kevin came to our home after hours explained everything in simple terms that we could understand. We then choose our block of land and type of house. Kevin arranged our home loan interview and everything flowed smoothly from there. 10 weeks later, the house is finished and now we have our own home!
We cannot thank you both enough for your assistance, as without you guys, we would not be a home owner, we would still be sitting in someone else's house paying rent and wasting our money. You both are an inspiration to us.

Kind Regards, Michelle and Michiko



At the start of our adventure to build a home people told us it’s one of the most stressful things to do in your life but we really don't know what they were talking about. From the very beginning the team at Stop Renting Today made the process so simple for us from helping to pick a section of land to the end of the process when handing over keys they were there to give us advise and to answer any questions we had. With a family that's very busy including a husband who works away they fitted around our schedule and went to great efforts to ensure the process was as stress free as possible for us. I would recommend to anyone wanting to build their first home to give them a call. We built a home that we wanted and couldn't be happier!

Mel & Russ, 0413572687



My husband and I never thought we would ever get out of the monotony that is the renting game and own our first home, especially on one income and two young kids until one day whilst going through the mail. I usually throw out advertisements but that day I decided to read through them and am I glad I did. I found a flyer for and that set in motion the most exciting few months of our lives. Without Kevin and Amanda Watson we wouldn't be living our dream.
We were overly impressed with their professionalism and communication throughout the whole process. Their long hours and determination to get us what we wanted, could afford and overall drive certainly paid off and will be forever appreciated. We were blown away with how quick and efficient Kevin and Amanda, responded to our calls and emails, and the whole team really went over and above to see that we were satisfied each step of the way.
Patrick and I would highly recommend working with Kevin and Amanda and the team if you are stuck in the renting game and have the dream of owning your own home.

Patrick & Samantha Adams, 0413287445



Dear Kevin and Amanda,
My wife Messina and I had begun to believe that we could never own our own home. This was until Messina saw your stall in Westfield’s Strathpine.
We made an appointment and I went along not really convinced that anything would come of it. Well how wrong I was, not only did I come home with renewed hope but we had arranged to purchase the block of land and the process begun.
So now thanks to your help we have a very attractive and well built new home.
Thank you very much for your help and friendship over the period of the build. We would be happy to recommend your business to anyone who will listen.
I can always be contacted on 0407 025 192
Yours Sincerely, 

Mark and Messina Broughton



Words cannot express enough the gratitude, appreciation and love that I feel right now after receiving that phone call from Kevin and Amanda saying congratulations on the approval of our loan and that now my construction can start in a matter of weeks.
How exciting for me. Kevin and Amanda were working so hard to make sure everything was happening while I was sitting and relaxing waiting for good news. Thank you, thank you, and thank you. It's all happening. Kevin always said DON'T worry and leave it to him and Amanda.
I must say your service is amazing, especially your quick response every time I email to you with all sorts of questions.
At one stage I said I quit but you both encouraged me and are helping me make my dream come true. Once again, thank you very much for your excellent service and I will definitely recommend it to my other friends and colleagues!
I always passed the "Stop Renting booth" at Strathpine Shopping centre but did not really care however that Sunday when Kevin was there, I stopped for a chat. He made me and Ronil realize that we can build our dream home. At first, my thought was "what's the catch?" Then when we met again to talk about it in detail, we realized that this was something we could, and we were willing to do. We went and had a look around for land and few houses. That block at Griffin caught my eyes and I said yes to it.
From their onwards Kevin and Amanda guided us through our loan process. And guess what our loan is approved….
How exciting….

Rosaline and Ronil (Rosaline m – 0421 491 831)



Dear Jodie, Amanda and Kevin,
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for making my dreams come true. Like many people, the goal of owning my own home, has been a long time dream for me. Being single this dream appeared to be out of reach as saving for a deposit whilst renting on one income is a difficult thing. I saw a Stop Renting Today brochure at Strathpine Shopping Centre and thought why not enquire, it couldn't hurt, though I wasn't convinced it could be so easy. I was wrong.
The moment I applied I received quick, professional and personal contact from Jodie and within 24hours Jodie had come to my house to discuss my package options and locations of where I wanted to build. Kevin took time out on a Sunday to meet me personally and show me land and house designs that you have created for other clients. 
Within the first week of speaking to Stop Renting Today I had finance processing and land on hold. The finance was fairly quick and once land settled it was full steam ahead. The build took exactly the 12 weeks that I was quoted and your partners were fantastic to work with. Everyone was willing to answer my endless questions and couldn't do enough for me.
I cannot explain how much owning my own home means and I will be forever grateful to you for helping me achieve my goal. If anyone out there is doing this by themselves and thinks it is not possible to own that home, think again. I strongly recommend the team at Stop Renting Today.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Kerri-ann Banks, Teacher -



We spoke to Amanda and Kevin, next thing Amanda came to our house and helped us make arrangements for our dream home, before we knew it we had a meeting with the bank manager and Amanda, and started the ball rolling.
We sat down and discussed what we could afford and were amazed at what was on offer for us, we then sat down and planned our dream HOME.
We then had an appointment to plan our home; they were fantastic, very understanding as it is overwhelming trying to decide the design of  a new home, after the slab was laid it only took 8 weeks and 4 days till hand over, including a couple of rainy days.
We cannot compliment the staff enough, as one phone call and they acted on our request as soon as possible.
We can’t thank Amanda and Kevin enough as they have truly made our dream home come true.
We would recommend anyone wanting to buy a new home to speak to Amanda or Kevin, they may be able to make your wish come true as they have ours.

PAT & TRICIA (Shift workers, so email only) - Email:



Hi Amanda & Kevin,  
Louise and I really did think that owning our own home was a distant dream that was out of our reach, that is until the day late last year that we spoke with our great friends and your clients, Stuart & Ruth Pettit. Ruth told us about these wonderful people called Amanda & Kevin and how they had helped them in fulfilling their dream of owning their own home, and I immediately asked for your number! Amanda & Kevin you certainly didn't disappoint, from the very first phone call you were a wealth of information and guided us carefully along the path of this nerve-wracking journey!
Here we are now in July and we have just moved in to our dream home, it is 100% us in every way, every wall, every tile and every colour. Your guidance and assistance in selecting our piece of land and house plans were invaluable and we can't thank you enough.
To anyone who is unsure of whether to take the big leap into your own home, we highly recommend you have a conversation with Amanda & Kevin, they make dreams come true!

Josh & Louise Pitman - 0431 588 109



Dear Amanda & Kevin,
Firstly, we would like to thank you both for all of your hard work and endless answers to our endless questions!
We had almost given up hope that we would own our home, until we just happen to come by the booth at Strathpine Shopping centre one evening and stopped to have a chat.
At first, my thought was "what's the catch?" Then when we met again to talk about it in detail we realised that this was something we could and we were willing to do. With much thanks to both of you for your support and wisdom, we finally made it and we couldn't be happier!
The information that you gave and the support you offered through each step of the process was a godsend and very much appreciated. We know that we had to work just as hard as you were working for us if we wanted it to happen, and with the personal support you gave us we found it a lot easier than what we would if we had tried to do it alone.
So once again, thank you for all that you have done and we wish you the best of luck for the future and hope that the business continues to grow!
Kind Regards,

The Cox Family - 0405005136, 0404691010



My husband and I would like to thank Amanda and Kevin for helping us achieve our dream of building a house much earlier than we had ever anticipated.
Having just had our first child, we had used most of our savings just getting by while I was off work on maternity leave. After seeing the Stop Renting Today booth at Strathpine shopping centre I thought I would complete the online form to see exactly what they had on offer. 
Kevin came to our house after hours and explained the whole process. We then went and chose a block and put a contract down and put together a house plan we were happy with. We are now in the process of settling on the land and building our house. 
Without Kevin and Amanda's help I think we were at least another couple of years off achieving this on our own. We now can look forward to moving into our own home and expanding our family.
Thanks again Kevin and Amanda for your help, we can't thank you enough.

Kerry, Public Servant, Ph 0428 438 007



Dear Mr Kevin Watson
It is with great pleasure I write this letter of recommendation for you. I met you after answering an advertisement on the radio in relation to a 'no deposit' home loan. From the very beginning I experienced top-notch realty expertise and advice and you assisted me throughout the whole transaction, on many occasions going well above and beyond your call of duty.
I cannot thank you enough for your assistance, as without you I would not be in my own home now; I would still be renting and throwing away dead money. I highly recommend you to everyone I meet and cannot praise you enough. You are an inspiration and tireless believer.
I met you on a business level and have developed a friendship that I hope will continue for many years.
To verify this information please feel free to call me on 0434 674 423. 
Kindest regards,

Sally Angel



Hi Kevin and Amanda
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all you have done for Stuart and I.
We approached the "Stop Renting Today" stand at Strathpine shopping centre after being seriously hurt by another company and we were thinking we would never own our own home.
You reassured us from the very start that you would help us and that everything would be all right. You went out of your way to help us and then take us to blocks of land, which we then settled on one and signed a contract with Amanda when she visited us at home.
The next thing we knew you were both at our house going through house plans with us and our dream was underway.
We found everything easy because all we had to do was call either of you and you did all the hard work for us.
We have already recommended our best friends to you who are now also building their home with your help and we will keep recommending you to anyone else wanting to build.
Thank you again for all you have done for us, which as you know, is more than anyone else will ever know.
We are forever grateful.
Kind Regards,

Ruth and Stuart, Ph 0411 645 325 or 0401 484 855